Bryce’s Excellent Adventures

Pacific to Atlantic 1972-1973

March 23, 1972 through May 28, 1973.  A 5,000 mile, 14 month canoe and backpack across the U.S. from Pacific to Atlantic which included the accurate retracing of the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s (1804-1806) westward route.

  • 470 miles upriver on the Columbia and Snake Rivers to Lewiston, Idaho.
  • 430 mile backpack across Bitterroot and Rocky Mountains to Dillon, Montana.
  • 2,500 miles down the Missouri River to Saint Louis, Missouri.
  • 185 miles down the Mississippi River to Cairo, Illinois.
  • 850 miles up the Ohio River to New Martinsville, West Virginia including wintering over in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • 140 miles across the Allegheny mountains to Westernport, Maryland.
  • 350 miles down the North Fork of the Potomac and Potomac River past Washington, D.C., to Smiths Point on Chesapeake Bay.

Sacramento to Calgary, Alberta 1981 

April 17, 1981 through October 26, 1981.  A 2,000 mile, 6 month hike with burros via mountain trails and back roads.

  • 430 miles Sacramento to California-Oregon border
  • 444 miles California-Oregon border to Oregon-Washington border
  • 487 miles Oregon-Washington border to Canadian border
  • 510 miles Canadian border to British Columbia-Alberta border
  • 200 miles British Columbia border to Calgary

Calgary to Quebec, Quebec 1982

April 30, 1982 through December 6, 1982.  A 4,200mile, 7 month  paddle by canoe

  • 607 miles downriver from Calgary to South Saskatchewan-Qu’Appelle River portage
  • 912 miles downriver South Saskatchewan-Qu’Appelle River portage to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 48 mile Lake Winnipeg to Winnipeg River, Manitoba
  • 466 miles upriver Winnipeg to Albany River, Ontario
  • 554 miles downriver Albany River to Fort Albany, James Bay
  • 109 miles Fort Albany to Moosonee, Moose River
  • 375 mile upriver Moosonee to headwaters of Ottawa River
  • 490 miles downriver Ottawa River to Montreal, Saint Lawrence River
  • 650 miles downriver Montreal to Quebec

Yukon River source to Bering Sea 1995

June 14, 1995 through August 21, 1995.  A 1,950 mile, 69 day paddle by canoe

  • 97 miles Lake Bennett to Whitehorse, Yukon Territories
  • 420 miles Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon Territories
  • 318 miles Dawson City to Fort Yukon, Alaska
  • 300 miles Fort Yukon to Tananna, Alaska
  • 330 miles Tananna to Nulato, Alaska
  • 280 miles Nulato to Russian Mission, Alaska
  • 205 miles Russian Mission to Emmonak, Alaska

2 Responses to “Bryce’s Excellent Adventures”

  1. Jules April 12, 2014 at 2:40 am #

    I looked up ‘paddling the entire yukon’ and came upon your blog.I am about the age you were when you started thinking of such adventures. I find your blog so inspiring, I just wanted to thank you for sharing, Bryce. Here’s to a lifetime of adventures inspired by you!

  2. Rob Cummings June 15, 2014 at 3:16 pm #

    Very cool trip. I was looking for that old National Geographic article of the four guys who rafted down the Yukon (late 1970s, I think). Then I was trying to find out if it could be done in a summer. It can! You did it!

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